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:iconjellyplz: :iconplusplz: :iconspartaplz: :iconequalsplz: :iconblissfullydisturbed:

Hello DeviantArt users, artists and llama herders!


Let's start with the formal introduction =^w^=

Name: -insert name here-

Age: -insert age here-

Gender: Female

Birthday: September 26

Location: Philippines

Hobbies: Playing with my violin (though, i suck at it >.<) practicing Kali/Arnis/Escrima martial arts, damaging my eyes with the radiation coming from computers and television (That's not even a hobby),reading,generating a random thought out of nothing, writing, debating on something even if it's pointless

(This other stuff aren't really hobbies. Just to make it a little longer :P)

I came here because I was dragged by my friend to actually USE my account for once and I actually listened O_O woooaaah...
Anyways, I'll find time being active here in DA.

I'll just be a critic! hmph... I'm not so good with a pen or a pencil at all.. The last time a drew something was a stick figure, a good excuse for actually drawing scribbles.

WELL, I guess this means I'll go lurking around in random places here in DA. Careful, I might be right behind ya


Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite genre of music: JAZZ, Reggae, RnB, Classical, Rock
Favourite photographer: GEEZA GEM VICENCIO!!! XD
Favourite style of art: anime-ish
Operating System: Windows XP (why can't it be XD instead??)
MP3 player of choice: as long as it plays music :D
Shell of choice: is this the gasoline station?
Skin of choice: OATMEAL! (well, that's what my skin IS right now)
Favourite cartoon character: THE BLUE THING in Samurai Jack XD
This sounded interesting so I tried it out! I gots a lot of spare time so yeaaaaah >.>

To do this,  click here:…

I has...sadly been tagged by Jibari-chan (don't ask why sadly! ;P)

To those whom I have tagged and feel as if... we're not that close, SORRY! I HAVE NO FRIENDS! :iconcryforeverplz:

Now...  On with ze questions!

1. Who is itachiuchiha70 dating?
    - it is DEFINITELY someone I DON'T KNOW :iconheheplz: I wanted it to be.... *** :> too bad though... I wanted us to be in-laws!!! Oh wait, never mind :XD: it got obvious ;P

2. sun-plowerxD suddenly knows all your secrets. What do you have to say about that?
    -:icononionpanicplz: THAT CANNOT BE! I'm too... sneaky to be known! THAT IS IMPLAUSIBLE!!! And plus, I can make secrets while she knows those secrets! Wait... what?

3. What would you do if Jibari-chan and Chrisszilla were going out?
    - :iconshockedplz: LOL! I would TOTALLY SAY YESSSS!!! Though... I doubt that the two of them know each other :XD: .... Do they? (I think she's older though :XD: but I know he's in to... errr, older women? ;P :iconpeacesignplz::iconbiggrinplz: sorry guys... can't help it :XD:

4. What was your first impression of xXd-Alice-bXx?
    - an awesome GErza fan who could make awesome deviations of awesomeness that could also help spread the awesome GErza love of awesome-ity! :XD: :iconyourockplz:

5. 08-08 got turned into an animal! What animal is it?
    - hmmmm..... I would think of.... a bearcat! It's cute! It's fluffy! It looks like a otter! (LOL, I don't know the connection..) And it's exclusive (I think?) in the Philippines! And... THEY SMELL LIKE POPCORN! :iconpopcornplz: YAY FOR POPCORN!

6. Who does mariaOcoline like?
    - like..... LOIK.... SHE LIKES HOWL! ....I think? :XD: For the PERSON, dunno... Sino like mo haw? I'm willing to know :iconawwwplz:

7. natsufref1st and Jibari-chan are forced to roleplay out a verbal couple fight. Who gets to play the wife?
    -  It depends, what kind of couple? it would be so awesome if natsufref1st would be the wife! WOOTS! And Jibari-chan would be the dude that doesn't care much on what he- I mean she is saying! :XD: :icontardsinloveplz:

8. Who is armor-dragon-knigth2's best friend?
    - I dunno! Who? WHO?! It's ME ISN'T IT?! I KNEW IT! :iconhugplz:

9. Would you open a mystery gift Kouri-n just gave you, without much hesitation?

    - SUUURE! What the heck, I'll open ANY gift she can give! ;P HECK, I'll open anything anyone can give me! :XD: I DON'T REALLY CARE! Well, if it's ticking... I'll have hesitation ;P :iconsheepplz:

10. What would you do is Chrisszilla confessed his love to you?
    -I'm preeeettty sure he's in love already (I just have this GUT FEELING he does :XD:) BUT if that would ever happen... GAHAHAHA! I just can't imagine the scene! :icondielaughingplz: I'd pat his head and give him a romantic novel and say "GO TO YOUR ROOM AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY, YOUNG MAN!" :icongreatjobplz:

TAGGED: (in order of appearance ;P)

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Hello there. I just looked through your gallery. And umm.....I'm sorry but I'm afraid I have to ask you to remove all of the images you've submitted, so far. You may not be aware of this, but the use and/or submission of any at all kinds of content which is not entirely your own creation, regardless of whether you've altered it in some way or have disclaimed it, is strictly forbidden on deviantART unless you are fully able of providing reliable proof that you've obtained written permission from said content's original creator and legal owner, beforehand. And, I'm sorry to say this, but it's more than obvious that none of the images you've submitted so far are your own. Please, take them down before someone reports you to the admins for art theft and copyright infringement. You could get suspended or even banned if that happens.

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